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Kris is such a compassionate guide to unlearning and relearning nutrition and your relationship with food! It was helpful to reorient my perspectives and get support in reclaiming my food joy while also limiting digestive woes.



Kris created a safe and accepting space for me to share my story. I was able to share my deepest and most difficult struggles with body image and disordered eating, struggles that go back to childhood and were worsened by postpartum depression. Kris has been compassionate, understanding and has listened my story and empowered me with the tools I needed to be more attuned with my body, myself and to respect my body’s needs. The stress level I’ve had as a mother of twins triggered my emotional and mindless eating. Then the guilt and shame that I have been imposed by the diet culture and the expectations for new moms to go back to pre pregnancy weight, made me felt like I failed. Kris helped me develop a new and healthier, loving and compassionate relationship with myself and food. She helped me to be in attunement with my hunger and satiation cues, and helped to be more aware and curious of my thoughts and own judgements. Now, I feel empowered and comfortable in my own skin and I can enjoy food, and give myself permission to eat. This has helped me to be more present and engaged with what matters to me. It feels like through this process, those preconceived ideas about diet and body image have lost the power they had on me. Thank you Kris for being there to guide me in such an important process for me.

Y. L.


I am a 60 year old woman who has alternated between dieting and bingeing for as long as I remember. If I wasn’t dieting I was thinking about the next one that would “fix” me. I am a all or nothing thinker. Either total deprivation and control or I ate one thing I thought was “wrong, bad” and the whole day was blown. Maybe the entire week! I was so tired. Tired of the battle, tired of the negative talk, tired of the out of control eating. At night I would mindlessly binge, always looking for something to fill the emptiness. Funny how it never got filled with food.

I started seeing Kris and learned about Intuitive Eating. Over weeks of meetings I learned to pay attention to my hunger. How it felt. To eat when I was hungry and then pay attention to my fullness, how satisfied I was. I came to enjoy exploring how my body felt being fed with intention how it felt not to be “stuffed” to the point of feeling ill.

Now I feel comfortable in my body. I choose foods that I enjoy. The judgements are gone. I don’t obsess over my weight. I trust that I can care for myself without using food to solve my problems. Kris taught me to be curious, to experiment and gather data. For the first time in 50 years I feel free.

Oh, during this process I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Kris was totally supportive and helped me navigate Intuitive Eating with this added twist.


It’s been about 6 weeks since my last visit with Kris. Following the Intuitive Eating Principals, I have stopped dieting, ceased stepping on the scales to measure my worth, and have lowered my A1C from 7.3 to 5.8 in 3 months! Amazing, and all done while listening to my what my body needs and wants for improved health. I can’t begin to tell you how much freedom I have now with eating. No judgement on what I choose to eat, no binging, no more mood swings. Give Kris’s approach a chance. You won’t be disappointed!



For years I would bring an apple to work and bring that same apple home at the end of the day…night after night. It was a “healthy food” that I thought I “should eat”, but just didn’t want to. With intuitive eating, I’ve learned that by adding a little bit of peanut butter to that same apple, I actually look forward to it. I ate 7 apples the week I made that discovery! It’s so refreshing to be off of the hamster wheel and to be finally listening to and honoring what my body truly wants and needs!

Caitlin M.